IT Consulting

Our consulting services offer our customers the best implementation strategies for integrated systems based on the most advanced application products, middleware, databases, operating systems, servers and HW resources.
Our goal is to propose cutting-edge technological solutions that are always in tune with the business strategies of our customers.

The DPE has a strong level of expertise in the following areas of intervention:

Systems Virtualization

It allows a physical server to host multiple virtual machines, sharing the resources of a single server across different environments, thus creating many virtual servers that have a specific purpose: for example db server, application server, print server, file server, exchange …

  • The advantages are considerable, for example:
    • Save time, money and energy by optimizing the available computer hardware
    • Superior performance in terms of resource utilization in a virtualized rather than traditional environment.
    • Simplified control in a single station to manage, update, save virtual machines.
    • Greater level of infrastructure security, making it possible, for example, to improve processes related to disaster recovery.

Application Software Migration

Customers who have to face the problem of the migration of application software from procedural languages ​​to the C platform, can count on DPE’s many years of experience in this field.
We offer advice at all stages of migration.

Configuration and Sale of Server Systems

DPE offers specific consultancy on the configuration and sale of Server systems for Windows and OpenVMS with any need.

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