Server and security

Hpe rx 2800

HPE with the rx2800 server in the latest i6 series has achieved high performance standards.

Dpe uses these servers for the management part as with the OpenVMS operating system it is immune from virus / hacker attacks, the ensemble guarantees operational continuity which is essential for any modern company.

Hpe Proliant

It is the server for multiple configurations, it is used to offer a local virtual environment, as a manager of automation systems, WEB Server and many other applications.

For perimeter security we rely on Checkpoint for the management of firewall appliances that guarantee a high level of updating, support and reliability.

These devices allow secure remote connections for external activities (VPN) ideal for smart working and remote assistance using desktop (Windows, MAC and Linux) and mobile (Android / IOS) devices.

Perimeter protection for a modern company is now essential. Rely on an expert to protect your network and create secure connections having the ability to connect securely remotely to always be connected with your company.

DPE has always marketed and installed quality physical firewalls, for network security and with annual support you guarantee greater security and the manufacturer’s right to support for any technical problem.

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