Product recognition

DPE develops vertical applications for the recognition of products even in motion through different systems ranging from graphic vision to barcode recognition.

Typically, these systems are used in the recognition systems of unsold products of newsstands at their distributors.

Thanks to the increasingly sophisticated technology through a control system developed by us, the system has reached high standards of precision and recognition speed.

The Imagereader identification system consists of three parts: a high resolution camera, a high efficiency LED illuminator and an image decoder.
It was developed to primarily solve magazine identification problems in the newspaper distribution logistics sector at the lowest possible cost.
This system is able to identify 99.9% of grade A barcodes.
Installed on a conveyor belt, it allows the identification of barcodes present on objects in transit up to a speed of 1.5 m/s.
The technology used in Imagereader allows you to aggressively decode UPC / EAN type barcodes.
Imagereader was designed to solve problems that were previously unimaginable, such as decoding badly printed or damaged barcodes.
The algorithm adopted for barcode identification is optimized to maximize accuracy and minimize processing times, it is capable of self-discriminating and decoding regardless of the condition or quality of the images.


  • Omnidirectionality: The 360 ​​degrees of true omnidirectionality increase ease of use compared to traditional laser systems
  • Aggressive: Increased reading rates by decoding damaged and poorly printed barcodes
  • Precision: It reduces costs by eliminating misreading errors or incorrect coding.
  • Main advantages: Optimized to maximize accuracy and minimize processing time.
  • Archiving: Storage of all images with missed readings with the possibility of carrying out a post-process analysis / verification.
  • Connection: Easy interconnection with host systems via Ethernet (RJ45 network with TCP / IP protocol)

Imagereader is a ‘proven solution’ based on the installations made.
Distribution centers that have adopted Imagereader have also increased their production in terms of identifying packages that are next to each other causing a “side-by-side” misread situation.
If not intercepted, one of the two packets will be sent to the wrong location.
Imagereader approached this problem comprehensively and comprehensively by analyzing the triggers received, with analysis of the spacing between objects.
If in doubt, they will be sent to an emergency exit and the event traced via image log.
Imagereader is an industrial high-end vision system that has been designed to dramatically improve the productivity of magazine distribution agencies.
The integration of a new 8K linear sensor and powerful illumination systems ensures high quality image capture, with extended depth of field on a 500mm wide conveyor belt. The frame rate allows excellent dynamic performance, up to 1.5m / s on high resolution images (350dpi).
The particular defocusing algorithms allow not to use standard autofocus systems with the advantage of having greater reliability.