Fidelity card

The system is called RTAE, it allows the collection in any computerized newsstand (which has a device with internet access, a barcode reader) of copies of newspapers and periodicals arranged in the editorial contracts of subscription.

The system:

The RTAE system is a set of Web applications, which allow the management of subscriptions at newsstands.

The subscription is identified by reading a barcode printed on a card.

Both the classic timed passes and the copy subscriptions (rechargeable) are managed.

The customer can be born at the publisher (top-down), or at the newsstand (bottom-up).

The actors

  • National Publishers / Distributors
    • They send the stream containing the data of the active subscriptions;
    • They print the cards. Alternatively, the cards can be printed by the Service Center or by the Local Distributor;
    • View the activity reports of the chosen period;
    • They display in detail and in summary the status of the various subscription contracts.
  • Local Distributors
    • They carry out the normal logistic function envisaged, that is, the delivery of copies to newsstands;
    • The newsstands that must be part of the circuit are activated;
    • They connect to the Service Center to download the flow of transactions carried out by newsstands.
  • The RTAE service center
    • It allows a centralized system to manage subscribers throughout the country;
    • The service center is a neutral structure;
    • It receives from the National Publishers / Distributors the data relating to subscriptions in progress throughout the national territory.
  • Newsagents outlets
    • They constitute the network to allow subscribers to conveniently collect copies and eventually activate subscriptions.
  • Readers subscribers
    • Subscribers are sure to find the subscription copy and to be able to collect it in different places;
    • For large offices / banks, it is advisable to have a collection point in order to guarantee copies.

The territory

Given the structure of the system, it is suitable for territorial management at national level.

Developments and scenarios

The natural development of RTAE is to make the CARD a multifunctional tool:

  • Rechargeable;
  • Multi-product subscription for single Publisher;
  • Multi Publisher Multi-Product Subscription.

In this scenario, the CARD becomes the multifunctional means of payment, able to simplify both purchases on computerized points of sale and direct marketing activities on individual customers.

The Edicola store becomes even more the reference point in the area, becoming a strategic crossroads of services.

Subscriptions with APP

The spread of smartphones in the Italian market has pushed us to create applications dedicated to the management of subscriptions and rechargeable.

Dedicated applications are already available on all markets (Windows, Apple Store and Google Play).

New initiatives are on the horizon!