Picking machine

Innovation, maximum efficiency, reliability, scalability are our strength, for systems entrusted to warehouse personnel, without specialists and white coats.

DGT – Pick to Light  – Put to light – Send to Customers


Take out of each product what and what is expected


Put what and how much ordered in the customer’s basket


Send the baskets to Customers grouped by Line

DGT is the most efficient and advanced picking, packing and shipping system ever made.

The three fundamental functions of a logistics system, suitable for delivering orders from e-commerce, are integrated and harmonized in an easy to use and solid solution: DGT.
     • suitable for packaged and bar-coded products
     • 100, …, 500, … different products per cycle (depending on the size)
     • product size: from 50 mm to 600 mm, … (on the working front, with limitations)
     • Unlimited number of customers (up to the desired maximum time per daily cycle)
     • containers per customer: boxes, plastic baskets (with limitations: eg stackable, …)
     • double counting for great accuracy
     • outbound baskets organized for 96 (max) different shipping lines per cycle
     • very high productivity per work cycle
     • patented


Pickup Area

Packaging Area

Customers in shipment